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Invest in yourself & your career

to ensure your personal growth

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Discover the best you

Our journey together starts with The Enneagram Assessment, a globally recognised tool to heighten your self awareness, learn about your strengths and blind spots and how to grow from them. The amazing thing is that this psychometric can be applied to both your professional and personal life and the coaching sessions include developmental exercises throughout to apply to real life situations. So not only theory but also very much practical!

The Enneagram pack

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Let me guide you

Are you experiencing a lack of motivation or even brownout!? Let me help you get back on your feet with energy!  Starting from your international CV, to cover letter, LinkedIn profile, market research, job applications and finally interview preparation coaching. Perfect for the individual who is looking to secure that much desired job or even attain an internal promotion. 

The Job Hunt


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Internationally confident you

Upcoming international call or presentation? Needing to prepare for an interview (in English perhaps?) Get your confidence up to a global level! Through intense, individual sessions we work on your comprehension, presentation, preparation, public speaking and boost confidence levels to ensure that you make the best impression at an international level too.

The Business Pitch


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Let the market notice you

Your personal brand is just as important as your experience! Sometimes professional individuals have it all but don’t know how to get that message across to get noticed. Learn how to market yourself effectively. Together we work on highlighting what’s fabulous about you and letting the world know it. 

The Corporate Image pack

"No one is you and that is your power"

Dave Grohl

Coaching sessions are individual, one-to-one meetings with the aim of not telling you what to do but instead guiding you to become motivated and realise your potential.  


A good coaching relationship exists when the coachee has a true desire to better their circumstances and puts in the work.


All sessions can be conducted in business English as a value add for the coachee to work-on and improve their language capabilities within the 6 - 8 week coaching program. (Both The Enneagram and career training coaching sessions) 

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